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15 March
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Thank you for dropping in my place.

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Thank you for dropping in my place.

I translate videos, magazines and articles introducing JYJ and HoMin.
It is only one person who works on translating, so I can not post as much as fandom sites do. I can post little when I'm busy. sorry. If you don't mind it, come and enjoy my trans :)

<Not sub, but as letters>
I don't sub my trans onto the videos myself. I just leave the trans as letters here.
If you prefer to watch videos with subtitles, sorry, I cannot meet your expectations.
But even after those videos got deleted, here are still what the boys said left.

<Not native Eng speaker>
I'm not a native English speaker, but on the way to learn it. If you find any mistakes, please let me know it. It will help me learn. Thank you.

<About repeoducing>
I don't mind if you reproduce using my translation, but would you tell me when you do, please? Don't change my translation without my consent. Thank you :)

Let's support JYJ and HoMin. Let them be happy. Let's be happy ourselves.