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[TRANS][Blog entry] [1121201]The Pianist, Eisuke Mochizuki playing the instrumental of Fallen Leaves

Nov 21, 2014
The concert by JYJ at Tokyo Dome
I went to a concert by the Korean super star, JYJ (originally THSK) at the Dome. ( the first day of Tokyo concerts)

I was seated VIP seat, which was my first time, and located in mid-second floor.

I was able to see very well.
All the contents of the concert was full of variety. I enjoyed them very much.

I have been feeling some sympathy for JYJ.
It was one more year ago from when I released my work, PIANO ROMANCE two years ago.
I was thinking to make a kind of collaborated work with something related with Korea. While I was looking for someone who can help me, I got an
offer to work in JYJ’s DVD, sound track.

When I got this offer, I knew nothing about them.
I just heard that they were in some trouble of their contract, which made their activity so hard. On the other hand, bunch of their fans kept waiting for them.
I got watched their movie of DVD first, then I understood their character that they are always so thoughtful of their fans. I decided to take part in this sound track.
I wrote and recorded a piano version of their piece of ballad named FALLEN LEAVES. It got fantastic. I hope you to listen to it. Lol.


Through these, I have cheered them in private. I feel really glad that they can have a dome tour like this.

I hope them to have activities more and more to show their capability.

I got deeply moved with Junsu’s voice covering “Sora to Kimi no Aida ni”originally a song of Miyuki Nakajima’s in today’s concert.
I was almost in tears.
I hope them to have energetic activities more and more.