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[Presale for Bigeast] "THSK LIVE TOUR 2014 ~TREE~" a photographic collection
THSK LIVE TOUR 2014, TREE a concert picture book
340mmx255mmx9mm, printed in Japan
on sale from Sep 1, 2014
"THSK  LIVE TOUR 2014 ~TREE~" a photographic collection of their live concert
Consists of hundreds of photos of precious moments - every awesome and mind-blowing scene - 124pages are full of unpublished pictures even in their concert DVD. A permanent collector's version.
The camera followed THSK even while they were in the pre-concert meetings and rehearsal at the studio as well as on the concert stage.
You can see how much and in what way the facial expression of and mood around THSK have turned in this collection. You just remember how greatly the tree of "THSK" has grown together with you all through TREE tour.
Don't miss their laidback or joking photos behind the scenes as well!
< 3,900JPY(incl. tax) >


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