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[TRANS][THSK] 130831 FujiTV LIVE TOUR TIME - 4 5 IDK Talk Still
talk still
00:26 Good evening, everyone. We are Tohoshinki.
00:36 YH: THSK Live Tour, 2013, TIME. To Final day at Tokyo Dome, …
Both: Welcome!
00:50 YH: It’s been a while, everyone! I’m Yunho! Have you been waiting for THSK?
01:03 Have you been fine? Now we are in the final place of the dome tour, Tokyo Dome.
01:17 Today, I think it is like a race between everyone and THSK, which goes burn out first.
01:25 THSK is going on staying in top gear from the beginning, so come with us till the end! (01:33)
01:39 See you later. (as leaving the stage.)

01:45 CM: Good evening, everyone. I’m Changmin. Today it’s the final day of the five-dome tour. Here Tokyo Dome must become the hotter place than any other place in Japaaan!
02:13 About 10 years ago, it was our distant dream to come to Tokyo Dome. But now furthermore it got a part of Dome tour. It became a reality, but I feel it like time of a dream.
02:26 Today I would like to make this time of a dream our best memory while we are being one.
02:34 Everyone yoroshiku onegaishimaaaasu!
02:42 This may be not just me, but this venue is already heated up from the beginning. There is something like a damp haze around there, in which you everyone doesn’t look clearly to me.
02:57 It means your passion, support and cheering are as much as making the haze from the beginning. I would like to do hard today as well. Right? (saying to Yunho)(03:07)

03:08 YH: Yes. I was listening well. (against fans mood of “do you understand CM’s talk?”) It is hot from the beginning, which makes me feel so good.
03:15 CM: Yeah it is. Then (with welcoming gesture to Yunho).
03:22 CM: Now making a use of this atmosphere, we would like to go on to the next song.
03:28 fans: EGHHHHHHH (as a protest!)
03:32 CM: (shaking his head) Please listen, STILL.

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Such a great surprise!!
Thank you so much))))

thanks for reading it.
this time i got surprised to notice Changmin speaks way long sentences in Jap!

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