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[TRANS] Behind the scenes of the music video shooting, B.U.T Aug.2011
0:24 YH: He looks so strong. What should I do? Haha.
0:46 YH: I was more scared by the opponent than I thought.
0:55 YH: I, however, did well knocking him down at once. I’m satisfied now.
01:00 interviewer: You didn’t see Yunho fighting, did you?
CM: No, I didn’t. I didn’t see that at all.
01:13 YH: The point I tried to make the character better myself is this contact lens, which looks a little gray. I wonder how it’s going to look in the video. I am also curious and expecting.
01:40 a man: Yunho, Changmin cool.
YH: Yes, We’ll try hard.
02:06 CM: B.U.T has a strong beat, and is a fun dance tune, isn’t it?
It is a story of a man who is powerful and so confident.
02:24 YH: The song itself is really a cool one. At the same time, the melody line can stay around with our ears. Its melody line is so impressive. This is personally my favorite song.
02:44 CM: Listening to it, the image of a live concert comes to my mind. It makes me excited.
03:10 CN: Hi, it’s me, Changmin. I’m working in shooting the video of our new song, B.U.T. It is noisy. Today, the studio is, uhm, a little hot.
03:43 YH: Changmin! You did well.
03:47: YH: yeah really good.
03:53 YH: really well.
03:55 CM: It was hot. It was hot.
04:00 YH: <unclear>


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