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[TRANS]A care label of MA-1
[TRANS]A care label of MA-1
·         Wash this product separately from other clothes to avoid to color those clothes. This product can color them because of the properties of its dye.
·         Make this inside out before wash. Wash it in the laundry net by hands to avoid to hurt printed part.
·         Take creases and hang it out to dry soon after washing.
·         DO NOT use chlorine bleaching.
·         DO NOT use tumble drier and ironing.
·         Be careful for zipper not to get hurt.
·         Handle the embroidered part carefully not to get hooked with your nails or accesary.
·         If you rub or push to wash strongly the emblem, the thread can fall out.
·         The emblem is not made as it stays permanently. It can go off.
·         There might be some rough part on the surface because of the material and printing way. It, however, does not matter for the quality itself.
·         There is some possibility of being decolored or coloring other clothes in using in wet with rain or sweat, or in being rubbed, especially in wet. Be careful.

< T/N I'm not familiar with these kind of text in Eng. If there is some strange expression that does't make a sense, let me know plz. thx.>


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