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[TRANS][THSK_TREE_tour] handwritten messages in the brochure

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The Tree tour is the proof of that THSK have been growing with you everyone.
We have been able to get grown this because you all have been close.
You are going to be protected ever under the TREE of THSK from now on ^o^.
Let’s make this time stage successful together!
Now, ready to begin the tour, TREE!

Last time, thanks to you all, we succeeded to hold a dome tour that has been our dream.
This time, we are staring TREE tour. We would like to get closer to you everyone, heart to heart, so that we can have the root of our tree spread.
We intend to send you each of our thoughts, hopes and wishes for sure.
Catch them surely please ^^
Let’s raise a tree of THSK till a big one in this world together!!


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