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[TRANS][THSK][Jap_maga][short inside stories by staff on FB] Japanese Magazine_Ray
cover ray
A Japanese fashion magazine, Ray is releasing Feb issue with THSK on its cover on Feb 22, 2014.
A member from its editorial team speaks a little about their shooting on FB.

Feb 20, 2014
Upcoming to release!  Tohoshinki-san is staring on the cover.
Now I will say some inside stories in shooting!
The inside story of Tohoshinki-san, part1
Shooting in a certain place in Korea on a day January.
Shooting by Ray was the first team this day. Regardless of the early morning shooting, two of THSK were having a greeting around with staff members as soon as they arrived in the studio.
Their appearance of too delight Yunho&Changmin made the mood in the studio gorgeous at the moment!

(irrelevant lines)The picture below is the dish of raw liver we staff ate on the day before shooting day.
I went happy with raw liver after a long time lol .]

Feb 21, 2014
Finally tomorrow is the release day! Ray April issue
I will talk some again today
As you fans already know, Yunho loves strawberries. I brought them for him.
He ate them in break times during shooting and before the interview. He looked enjoying eating them!
I understand he really loves strawberries!
Seeing his cute face expression on eating strawberries, I could not help making a grin. Lol.

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I'm always amazed by Japanese blogs, for some reason they make me exited )))))))

The point is how many pages they will really share for the boys!

yeah they know who are popular enough to sell their maga XD

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