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[Trans] [Interview_JJ] Exclusive interview with Kim Jaejoong, Bntnews Japan 01272014 Part 2
part 1 is here.

---A female singer, GUMMY who sings in the duet of a new song, “HEAVEN” takes part in the present concerts. What was her impression on him?

Jaejoong: She has an awesome vocal ability. I made a debut in the same time as she did. She is a little senior to me. I think she has been making her singing much greater since then.

---What made the collaboration of Jaejoong and GUMMY happened?

JJ: I got this song after I had my first album finished. Around then Gummy joined the office I belong to, when I felt like singing it with her. I changed some words of the lyrics to record for the repackaged album. My voice has some thin impression despite I am a man. Gummy’s voice, though she is a woman, has a masculine powerful impression. I thought singing together will go beautifully.

---“HEAVEN” is a beautiful ballad, which is performed as a breath-taking beautiful number on the stage completed together with voices of two. You should appreciate this splendid collaboration in the album.
What surprised me among all the songs of his was “Keshoh (Makeup)” of Miyuki Nakajima he sings.
What made you decide to pick up this song?

JJ: When I started to look for any good Japanese songs I would sing in my Asia tour, “Keshoh” was mentioned for them. It is not rock, but I wanted to sing this song that expresses female emotions with all my heart because I have had some experiences to waver and suffer as well. I found myself having empathy with some lyrics in the song.

---You worked in a collaboration with TAKURO on GLAY to make songs?

JJ: TAKURO’s wife has been into our music for long, and has been listening to our songs since before, I heard. This got us to work together first actually.

---What do you enjoy lately in your private?

JJ: I’m planning to have muscle training. I used to do before. I am so thin now that I think I should train myself.  

---Any your favorite Japanese food lately?
JJ; I love bentoh(boxed lunch) at convenient stores. Japanese konbini bentoh is the most delicious in the world like one with hamburger stake or salmon etc. I feel damned watching commercial films of new bentoh products from convenience stores right before going to sleep.

---While having a strict self- control, Japanese convenience store bentoh seems to tempt him in a sweet voice. Finally, I asked him what kind of image he tries to make in the stage direction and to give Japanese fans some messages.

JJ: I sing rock. I try to convince myself to think “I am a narcissist.” as trying to express its image. In fact, I’m just like ordinary people once getting down off the stage.


What impressed me having 30-min-long interview was that Jaejoong devotes himself much to entertain and please his fans. We see cool, fashionable and a great singer Jaejoong full of charisma on the stage.  In this interview, however, I got to know Jaejoong who made a constant effort to have his fans feel happy. Many people get attracted by him all the better for his effort. His thought to value “bond” flows out to our hearts to the rhythm of hard rock. I would like to wish more leap for Kim Jaejoong in 2014 from bottom of my heart.
(photos are brought by C-JeS) interview and writing by Hiroto Tachibana, Producer at Bntnews Japan
original text is here.
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