[Trans] [Interview_JJ] Exclusive interview with Kim Jaejoong, Bntnews Japan 01272014 Part 2
part 1 is here.

---A female singer, GUMMY who sings in the duet of a new song, “HEAVEN” takes part in the present concerts. What was her impression on him?

Jaejoong: She has an awesome vocal ability. I made a debut in the same time as she did. She is a little senior to me. I think she has been making her singing much greater since then.

---What made the collaboration of Jaejoong and GUMMY happened?

JJ: I got this song after I had my first album finished. Around then Gummy joined the office I belong to, when I felt like singing it with her. I changed some words of the lyrics to record for the repackaged album. My voice has some thin impression despite I am a man. Gummy’s voice, though she is a woman, has a masculine powerful impression. I thought singing together will go beautifully.

---“HEAVEN” is a beautiful ballad, which is performed as a breath-taking beautiful number on the stage completed together with voices of two. You should appreciate this splendid collaboration in the album.
What surprised me among all the songs of his was “Keshoh (Makeup)” of Miyuki Nakajima he sings.
What made you decide to pick up this song?

JJ: When I started to look for any good Japanese songs I would sing in my Asia tour, “Keshoh” was mentioned for them. It is not rock, but I wanted to sing this song that expresses female emotions with all my heart because I have had some experiences to waver and suffer as well. I found myself having empathy with some lyrics in the song.

---You worked in a collaboration with TAKURO on GLAY to make songs?

JJ: TAKURO’s wife has been into our music for long, and has been listening to our songs since before, I heard. This got us to work together first actually.

---What do you enjoy lately in your private?

JJ: I’m planning to have muscle training. I used to do before. I am so thin now that I think I should train myself.  

---Any your favorite Japanese food lately?
JJ; I love bentoh(boxed lunch) at convenient stores. Japanese konbini bentoh is the most delicious in the world like one with hamburger stake or salmon etc. I feel damned watching commercial films of new bentoh products from convenience stores right before going to sleep.

---While having a strict self- control, Japanese convenience store bentoh seems to tempt him in a sweet voice. Finally, I asked him what kind of image he tries to make in the stage direction and to give Japanese fans some messages.

JJ: I sing rock. I try to convince myself to think “I am a narcissist.” as trying to express its image. In fact, I’m just like ordinary people once getting down off the stage.


What impressed me having 30-min-long interview was that Jaejoong devotes himself much to entertain and please his fans. We see cool, fashionable and a great singer Jaejoong full of charisma on the stage.  In this interview, however, I got to know Jaejoong who made a constant effort to have his fans feel happy. Many people get attracted by him all the better for his effort. His thought to value “bond” flows out to our hearts to the rhythm of hard rock. I would like to wish more leap for Kim Jaejoong in 2014 from bottom of my heart.
(photos are brought by C-JeS) interview and writing by Hiroto Tachibana, Producer at Bntnews Japan
original text is here.
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[Trans] [Interview_JJ] Exclusive interview with Kim Jaejoong, Bntnews Japan 01272014 Part 1
Exclusive interview with
Kim Jaejoong from JYJ, revealing his present thoughts and feeling against Jap fans with openness 01272014
written by Hiroto Tachibana, Producer, Bntnews Japan


Kim Jaejoong on JYJ held a solo concert Jan 22, 23 in Nagoya, Japan. About 20 thousand fans flocked together to the concerts following ones in Yokohama and Osaka to get mesmerized by mesmeric Jaejoong of a Rock musician.  Right before the performance on 23, we, BntnewsJapan had an exclusive interview with Jaejoong. Jaejoong opened his mouth to express what he currently thinks and how he feels against Japanese fans after his rehearsal.

---What do you think as for having concerts in Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya?
Jaejoong: They turned something like a mini-Japan tour.  I’m thankful that many people came to my solo concerts. While they say “I’m a Jaejoong’s fan,” I would like to say “I’m a fan of you all.”

---What do you think is different between JYJ’s and your solo concert?
You can see individual colors of us 3 of JYJ and also that of JYJ, which means 4 colors in JYJ’s concert. My concert of this time has rock mainly, while no dance numbers. We jump and simple moving to rock instead of dance, which goes different lively mood.

---What is your favorite song in all the songs in your concert?
Though it’s not my own song, I like “Glamorous Sky” (Mika Nakashima’s) and “Ultra Soul” (B’Z). They have been popular in Japan since before. At the moment fans hear the introductive parts of these songs, they react apparently which can be felt by me on stage. The atmosphere goes even greater than I try to make. Lol.

---What is the concept of your stage costume and others through this time?
It’s “Let’s sweat!” My costumes are such simple just as a jacket. When I wear overdone costumes, fans go with the similar attitude,  this time, however, I would like to show my concept that everyone can go ahead in easygoing way.  I think that in what way audience will react is part of the stage direction
Jaejoong sets a dress code for each concert, which audience will follow to come to the venue. What does he aim at with this?
--- Fans of JYJ may be not used to atmosphere of Rock, I thought. I wanted them to feel confident if even so. I thought if they find someone else wearing the same thing nearby, they will be able to feel confident and dance for real. In the fan mood that people are dancing, each of them feel easy to dance, I expected.

---How do you adjust your physical condition for concerts?

I do just my natural way. I intend not to feel so conscious. Even when I am bad, I try to assume I’m fine. Feeling conscious that I’m bad, it backfires. Also I try to eat less heavy meal.

Despite he eats 30 to 40 chicken wing tips, which Nagoya is famous for, usually, he seems to have ate only 2. Self-control is a critical keyword for Jaejoong.

(photos are brought by C-JeS)

Part 2 will follow soon.

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[TRANS][VIDEO][THSK]東方神起 / In Our Time (LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~ FINAL in NISSAN STADIUM Documentary Fi
東方神起 / In Our Time (LIVE TOUR 2013 TIME FINAL in NISSAN STADIUM Documentary Film
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FCTxc1NZPk (copyright is owned by avexnetwork)

YH : Shall we rightly show THIS is Tohoshinki today again, shall we?
Guys: Yeah!
YH: I’m happy to make a new history with you!
Guys: Yeah!


CM: It was that precious time in which the dream of us two came true. It was such a moment.

YH: We owe it to you all that we can hold a live concert at a stadium!


YH: Being in that charge place, I want to show more than two or three times energy as what I can show usually.

CM: I’m really grateful to you all for having been with us and protecting us.

CM: We have never had a dome tour. I want to be a dome-tour class artist after working harder.

YH: I think now here, the stage is really the best in my life.

YH: We, two have tried hard starting from a small stage to finally reached here today with you all, I think.

[TRANS][JYJ][Jap_Radio][FM-YOKOHAMA”E-ne! Good for You] 11112013 Part2
11:23 MC: E-ne! Good for you! The song here was Just Another Girl from Kim Jaejoong-san’s solo album, WWW.
JJ: Yahoo!
MC: Yahoo! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!
JJ: Onegai shimasu.

<Dress Code>
MC: I would like to ask about your tour. We got to have many messages. Here is one from Tomo mama-san saying “I love you, Jaejoong! King of rain, Jaejoong can you hear me? I will attend the concert at Hama Sta( the shortened of Yokohama Stadium) on 15. You are “Rain Man” for sure. Seemingly we have to come with raincoats. The dress code this time is Sadist and Masochist. Uhm S&M. You said that we should think in pure heart. I cannot! It’s always tough! ” There is a dress code!
JJ: Yes, there is.
JJ: It differs on each country. 12:18 For Japan, I picked up S&M.
MC: How can they express this? It is difficult as Tomo Mama-san says.
JJ: It would be varied, either S or M, in what way each person thinks.
MC: Yeah, coordination will be depending on it.

<JJ, the king of rain>
MC: The thing I’m curious about is if you are a rain man!? <T/N In Japan, people who seems to bring rain when she/he is present are called rain woman/man.>
JJ: Lol. I didn’t think so before, but when I go overseas, have events and live concerts held, it often rains. Almost! Around 80%!
MC: It’s not a low rate! 80%! 13:07
JJ: Yes.
MC: Then 15 and 16, you will have 2 days, I wonder how it’s going on!?
JJ: News says it’s going to be rainy then. There is this info.
MC: Yeah, they forecast so. But weather in fall changes so often and easily, the legend of “Rain Man” can be possibly put an end on.
JJ: I, however, hope rain.
MC: On the contrary!?
JJ: Yeah, it will be held outdoor, so if it rains it would be fun, I think.
MC: I see. Let’s hope everyone to come with raincoats and clothes to change.

< Live concert at Yokohama Stadium>
MC: Here is another one from Bibi-san. “Are there any surprise plan at Yokohama Stadium? Give me a little hint like title of songs or guests’ names, please.” 14:06
JJ: It will be changed from the Korean version that I had there then. I will have more songs.
MC: More songs!
JJ: Yes. I will have more Japanese songs for Japan. Lol.
MC: This is something we are looking forward to. But let’s not unveil more hints for the day.
JJ: Yes, let’s not.
<JJ’s secret of his beauty>
MC: Here is one from Hiropesu-san, which is a personal question to Jaejoong-san.
“The biggest question. In what way can you be so cute and beautiful? Let me know it! Jaejoong, saranghe!”
MC: Are there any secrets?
JJ: Secret? Uhh, this is what I have been saying, though, I don’t care about what I should quit, like what I suppose to care about.
MC: Uh-huh.
JJ: Something harmful for my body.
MC: You don’t care about things like “Don’t do this.” or “Don’t do that.”
JJ: Yes. I try to enjoy what we can enjoy when we are young. Ugghh hard (to explain). I think its good to do something when you can do.
MC: You mean that you do what you want to do when you want to do as you want to do!
JJ: Yeah. To have a dream would be hard when we turn old. I mean going wild. When we are young, we have lots of dreams. It is something like it.
MC: You think that not to store stress in your heart is the key and something bright inside flows out.
JJ: Yeah. Yaay.
MC: Yaay, see. Hiropesu-san?

<Japanese food>
MC: And here is one from Sally-san. “Have you eaten yummy Japanese meal yet?”
JJ: In Nishiazabu yestereay, I had tonkatsu (T/N a deep-fried pork cutlet). Lol.
MC: Tonkatsu!?
JJ: Yes.
MC: Do you like tonkatsu?
JJ: Not so much.
MC: What!? But the one there was delicious.
JJ: My staff members like it. Everyone said they want to eat it. Then we were like let’s go to eat it.
MC: You are kind! You go along with them! The teamwork might lead to this good atmosphere.
Oh, here is a question from Mizushima Yuka-san, “Do you still like katsudon (a bowl of rice with pork cutlet on)?”
JJ: I love katsu don very much!
MC: Huh? You don’t like tonkatsu very much but you like katsudon!?
JJ: It’s kinda donburi (a bowl of rice), isn’t it?
MC: Lol. You like donburis?
JJ: Just tonkatsu differs from donburi. I like every donburi bowl even with anything in. I like donburi itself (as a genre).
MC: You like Tendon, too.
JJ: I do, I do.
<A certain place in Yokohama>
MC: From Yurinko-san. “You are having a concert again the same place in Yokohama as the last time. Do you have any “must” shops or places to go whenever you come to Yokohama?”
JJ: When I come to Yokohama? Well… Some while before, I had kinda fan meeting there.  I went to a very famous Chinese restaurant in Yokohama.
MC: Chongqing Hanten(restaurnt)?
JJ: Omg! You know that?
MC: I just caught a piece of info with a rumor.
JJ: Can I say about it?
MC: Sure, sure. 17:53
JJ: I went there to try some hot dishes.
MC: How was it?
JJ: They were not hot. 17:59
MC: Not hot enough! Chongqing Hanten is famous for its spicy and hot dishes like Mabo-tofu.
JJ: They made their dishes much hotter for me than their usual dish for normal customers. I tried them but not so hot.
MC: You are a warrior.
JJ: Not so much.
MC: All the restaurants in Yokohama China Town would possibly raise up their hands to challenge you presenting their hot dishes.
JJ: C’mon!
MC: Hahaha. 16:29

MC: This is from Kiko-san. “I’m going to Jaejoong’s concert this time. A forecaster tells Friday will be rainy, but I feel it’s going to be a hot concert. I’m coming with my high-school-student, daughter. Faiting!
And here from Mocchii-san, “I love songs written by Jaejoong. I have been always supporting Jaejoong for the past five years and a half. It’s really happy to meet you at Hama Sta on 15.”
Here from Nonsu-san, “Jaejoong, welcome back!”
JJ: Yeah, tadaimaaa(=I’m back).
MC: Being able to say “okaeri” and “tadaima” each other is really wonderful.
JJ: It feels warm.
MC: Everyone is really looking forward, I think. In those messages, what stand out is “The dress code is difficult!”  Anyway this live concert that will be created with audience, what point do you want people to pay attention?
JJ: I am going to try a genre of rock for the first time. Rock has a different sound from one of pops I sing normally. I guess the atmosphere would be different. For the fans who have experienced both my solo and JYJ’s concerts, the way of cheering can be different, I guess. But this time the dress code is S&M, so choosing the opposite type from their original type, coming with an appropriate dresses for it on, and be brave to fit into the atmosphere, I hope. You can throw away old you once as doing so. Pick out new you to express there, and cheer hard to go blast. Go blast! 20:36
MC: The two days must be way hot! This time 30,000 and 30,000 people, totally 60,000 people is planned to gather. It will be a huge number. Again let me introduce this. 2013 Kim Jaejoong, first album, Asia tour concert in Japan. The venue is Yokohama Stadium. This Friday, 15 and Saturday, 16, two days. Reserved seats only for 10,500 yen. Normal ticket is already open from the day before yesterday. Check it out please. ( info about ticket seller is omitted.)
Now Jaejoong-san, it is time for the final song.
JJ: Oh, it’s already ending time?
MC: Yeah.
JJ: It’s short! This radio show is short!
MC: Let’s ask everyone to have fun on 15 and 16. Finally which song to go?
JJ: Should I introduce it?
MC: Yes, please.
JJ: I would like to go on more. I cannot?
MC: News is coming!
JJ: Oh news is coming! No news!
MC: I’m sorry we must end. Jaejoong-san, which song should we have?
JJ: The song from my album, which I wrote. Listen to “I did”.
MC: E-ne, good for you! Today’s luch time guest, Jaejoong-san, we welcomed. It was so soon! Thank you very much.
JJ: Thank you. See you!

Thank you for the sound recording! (credit: maki tanaka) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8miRtXviuc&feature=youtu.be
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[TRANS][JYJ][Jap_Radio][FM-YOKOHAMA”E-ne! Good for You] 11112013 Part1
1111guest jj
Thank you for the sound recording! (credit: maki tanaka) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8miRtXviuc&feature=youtu.be

< Introduction>
MC: It's 12:29! Thank you for waiting. FM YOKOHAMA, E-ne( name of this show)! Our guest we are welcoming as lunch time guest today is Kim Jaejoong-san. Nice to meet you!
JJ: Nice to meet you, too.
Both: Yroshiku onegaishimasu~ :
MC: Speaking of Kim Jaejoong-san, having released lots of hit songs at Korean national group, JYJ, also making energetic activities as a solo artist, last month he had his first solo album, “WWW” released.
JJ: Yes.

<JJ's new album tates Rock!>
MC: Well, did you feel much differently in album release between as a group and a solo artist?
JJ: Yeah it’s different. Seriously I felt something tension. I’m feeling nervous even now. 0:53
 I feel feeling of responsibility as well.  Genre is different is the biggest.
MC: The song we are having behind is also from your album, right?
JJ: Yes.
MC: Terribly ROCK!
JJ: It’s rock. 01:10 lol
MC: I heard your album also, though, how rock you are in this album feels really different from Jaejoong-san’s image so far.
JJ: Different. They are not the genre that I’ve done so far, 01:27 but originally my favorite genre is rock. 01:32  I tried my favorite genre.
MC: Yeah.
JJ: It was my first time to release an album officially in this genre. 01:42 Response from everyone is better than I expected. I feel good. 01:48
MC: Then you feel like you are doing what you have wanted to do making thoroughgoing preparations for, don’t you?
JJ: Yes, I do.
MC: Now Jaejoong-san is answering quietly me, while his style is very cute today.
JJ: lol
MC: Jaejoong-san, is it a beanie with cat’s ears? I wonder those are cat’s or rabbit’s?
JJ: I was given this from my fan as a gift. 02:15 I meant I would be able to show this on purpose.
MC: Thank you then, we’ll take a picture of it later. (You can show it) there.
JJ: lol
MC: We would like to show everyone the beanie he was given from his fan there. Also the sweat shirt he’s wearing has a number 17 written on.

< JJ's clothes this day is...>
Do you like clothes in rock taste? 02:39
JJ: Yes, I like them. But today’s clothes are not so.
MC: Oh, they aren’t.
JJ: Waking up, and soon (T/N unclear) lol
MC: Uh-huh then you grabbed something right there to put on?
JJ: Yeah, ah, no, I was sleeping with this clothes on. I didn’t take a shower.
MC: You are just as you woke up!? 03:05
Both: Lol
MC: This must be irresistible for fans, I think!
JJ: lol

<JJ smells...>
MC: This just-woke-up Jaejoong-san, here is a message from Sato-tan, Fukuoka. “They say Jaejoong smells good. What perfume do you use?” This question is arrived.03:21
JJ: I don’t use perfume.
MC: Not at all!?
JJ: I don’t use at all.
MC: Whoa, then you create something possibly. 03:30
JJ: Why are there so…?
MC: They say you smell good.
JJ: When I meet fans sometimes, I say like I don’t smell nothing.
MC: Yeah.
JJ: I don’t have a smell but scent.
MC: Uh0huh!
JJ: I talk like this sometimes. 03:49
MC: Yes.
JJ: This is for real. It smells something also from our mouth, right?
MC: Lol. Yeah, but it’s a scent on you, right?
JJ: (Embarrassed) It’s kinda scent, uhhh something like...
MC: He is now covering his mouth. It feels like …
JJ: I’m embarrassed.
MC: Probably for fans every single word Jaejoong-san utters moves much, so that it spreads throughout widely soon. As a result, it comes to this “perfume” message, I guess. 04:26
JJ: You can tell when we make cuddling each other.
MC: OMG. I wonder if such a day to make a hug with Jaejoong-san happens?
JJ: Lol

<JJ's favorite taste>
MC: Now it’s turning form 12:33 to 12:34. Generally it’s lunch time, I think. 04:40
Jaejoong-san, when did you come to Japan?
JJ: Huh?
MC: This time when was it coming to Japan? Yesterday?
JJ: Yesterday.
MC: Oh I see. Do you have any favorite Japanese lunch?
JJ: For lunch, normal box lunch or rahmen noodle.
MC: Oh, do you eat rahmen!?
JJ: Yeah, I can eat rahmen even right after I wake up. 05:12
MC: You are healthy. There are some kinds in rahmens. What kind of rahmen do you like?
JJ: Uhm, I, (wispering) wonder which would be  better, am fine with any though, uhh, it’s hard to choose.
I’m fine with all but shoyu (soy sauce) taste.05:31
MC: Why are you not fine with shoyu?
JJ: Because Shoyu doesn’t taste any hot or spicy.
MC: I see. I hear about it as a rumor that you like something hot as much as you can enjoy habanero.
JJ: Yes. There is a very hot sauce called Death Sauce that is sold at Donki (a shorten of a shop’s name, Don Quixote), I eat it with on food just like with wasabi normally. 06:04
MC: Huh!? On what food do you eat it?
JJ: Everything.
MC: Everything!?
JJ: In rice, nabe ryori (kinda Jap hot pot), everything.
MC: Everything! Ah so you feel shoyu soup tastes less hot or spicy.
JJ: Yes.
MC: You say both rahmen and boxed lunch etc.

<JJ gathers his spirit for the stage>
MC:Do you have any secret to keep your good figure? 06:29
Do you work out daily?
JJ: What?
MC: Working out.
JJ: Oh, I see. I don’t. Never.
MC: Heee.
JJ: Never lately. I used to do before. These day I do not at all.
MC: Any reason you quited to do?
JJ: Just a bother. Lol 06:54
MC: Your walking around in your concert naturally leads to exercise, I wonder. Also in your rehearsal and practice,
JJ: I don’t think it has anything very much.
MC: Oh it has nothing! You have a high metabolism, I wonder.
JJ: It’s just my willpower. I think like I won’t make any mistakes today! I think something like this before I come to my live concert. Having a spirit to be up on a stage, I can use 10 or 20 times as much power as usual.
MC: Even if you don’t do any exercise for to the day, you can show your ability into full. 07:39
JJ: Yes, that’s right.
MC: Hearing 10 or 20 times powerful, we cannot stop concerned with your ongoing Asia tour, which will be held on Friday 15 and Saturday 16, this month. We have various messages from fans around it. I will ask you about it in the second half after having one song around this point.  Now will you introduce the song, Jaejoong-san, please?
JJ: The title track of the latest album, Just Another…
< song, Just Another Girl >

To be continued to part 2.

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[TRANS][JYJ][Jap Radio DJ Keiko Imaizumi’s BLOG] 10172013


I saw Junsu-kun’s solo concert at Yokohama Arena.
Yeaaahh, it was awesome…
He was the entertainer…

It was just like that all of his efforts got crystallized to his dance and vocalization on the stage. His live show impressed me like this!
I felt same thing at Jeajoong’s show, though,  I felt they have found their new ways to walk forward for some while I didn’t met.

There was a cake to appreciate his great job behind stage.
(T/N It is written as Otsukaresama deshita! meaning Great job! on top in Jap.)

Also Yokoari-kun there was.
(T/N Yokoari-kun is seemingly character of Yokohama Arena. )

And having his stage performance done...

“Snoopy-san, long time no see! How are you? Having your radio show still?”
We had such a first words, so I made that comment on Twitter.
(T/N She tweeted "Junsu-kun talked like checking an acquaintance's existence! Was a great show!" on Oct16.
https://twitter.com/RadioDJSnoopy/status/390453458291421184 )

“I do. Come to my show again!” “Call me there, please!”
“It was really a good live show!”
That was just a short conversation, but I felt relief to see Junsu with a smile on his face.

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[THSK][A-nation goods]details
hover the mouse then you can see info of each
all items will be sold at mu-mo from Aug 19 16:00(JST)
uchiwa 500 face sideuchiwa 500 back side
sport towel 2500 1110mm×400mm
3way strap 1500
takeout bag 1200 370mm×370mm cotton polyester facesidetakeout bag 1200 370mm×370mm cotton polyester backside
BIG pouch 1600 230mm×横約320mm faceside=PVC polyester90%+cotton10%BIG pouch 1600 230mm×320mm .jpg backside(red)=chemicaBIG pouch 1600 230mm×320mm .jpg inside=cotton
hair elastic band bracelet 500 no coor choice w sticker out of 6hair elastic band bracelet 500 sampe to usehair elastic band bracelet 500 sample to use 2hair elastic band bracelet 500 samlpe of stickers
Tee 3000 small medium largeTee 3000 backside no info about material

[THSK][A-nation goods]
+++++anation goods+++++anation goods.jpg 2
jumbo uchiwa 500yen
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T-shirt 3000yen (coming soon)

[THSK][New Goods]
+++new goods
flag 500yen     photo book of TIME tour 3800yen     photo card file 2000yen     hand towel(in pouch) 1300yen
hair band 900yen     2 pairs of socks 1300yen     hat 2300yen      sensu fan(in case) 1700yen
bottle holder 1800yen     a set of magnets 1200yen      pair stamps 1000yen       bottled water 300yen
Tee(TIME final ver) 3000yen     hoodie 5800yen     alarm clock (voice recorded)7000yen     key holder(2013 summer ver)300yen

[Article] Japanese general newspaper, Asahi Shinbun, had a sidebar article about JYJ 07032013
Starving Popularity of JYJ  

It was an unusual sight in a way. Kim Jejung, a member of Korean trio artist, “JYJ”, had  his solo live concert last 26 at Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa. Fans scream had even an tearful voices in it as well and there were some fans who didn’t stop crying. This scene looked similar to one of when ”JYJ” held a concert at Tokyo Dome this April after three years. When Jejung, Kim Junsu and Kim Yoochun appeared on the stage, fans’ shouts of delight also got tearful one, and some fans kept crying holding towels.

These three have hardly been able to do entertainment activities in Japan these four years. They brought a case against their management company in Korea (at that time) being unsatisfied with the content of their contract with the company In 2009 when they were at the peak of their popularity as members of “Tohoshinki”, Next year, Avex that had taken their management in Japan made a statement saying to “halt of activity” of three. Since then their entertainment activities had a sharp decrease in both countries.

Yet their fans went way to their live concerts held in Europe, America and Asia where thier activity is possible, and have kept running after their videos and information run on the Web. This spring, having the expiry of the contract between three and Avex,  their concert  at Tokyo Dome drew as many as 150,000 people in total during three days. 45,000 people flooded to the solo concert for three days this time as well.

A phenomenon that needs get an explosive increase due to a sense of starving is called “hungry marketing”. JYJ’s popularity at present is exactly being boosted by “a sense of starving”. (Nami Hamada)


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