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[TRANS] [Bigeast Official]Mission Card – Mission 34 07262014
0:01 YH: Now it’s THSK.
0:03 CM: *snap* Then today we are having the corner of the mission after a while. Mission 34.
00:13 YH: 34 means sanju-yon!
00:15 CM: Right. Now I’m reading it. 00:17 What do you think is this tool used for?
YH: YEAH! This one!?
00:23 CM: Then …
YH: I got ignored…
00:24 CM: The tool, we are getting.
00:27 CM: Ta-dah!
00:28 YH: Oh!
00:31 YH: This!

00:33 CM: It’s one Tinker Bell.
00:36 YH: It’s a castanet, isn’t it? *looks fun playing with it*
00:40 CM: They don’t make castanets of rubber. (T/N It is as hard enough sounding click-clack as plastic when YH played.)
00:46 CM: What do you think it is?
00:47 YH: Well, something to hang on something here? (w making some gesture)
00:56 YH: What is the hint for?
00:57 CM (reading the hint) You use it to take out something.
00:58 CM: What I thought as soon as I saw this Tinker Bell was the one we use in cooking to hold a hot pot like this ( as holding YH’s chin!)
4and do mmmm (with mimic carrying a heavy hot pot.)
01:18 YH: Why did you do my face?
01:19 YH: It, actually, feels like it!
01:25 CM: You hook it on something like this…
01:27 CM: Yeah, it is correct! (as shown the answer ) The answer is a butterfly-shaped dish holder.
01:35 Both: AH!
01:36 CM: Isn’t it our first time to bingo?
01:38 YH: It is the first correct answer, maybe? Great! Changmin you are great!
*Everyone there makes applause.*
01:47 YH: Like when doing micro...wave..
01:48 CM: Microwave.
01:51 YH: We use it in using a microwave.
01:53 CM: We can use it for pots, and also plates in particular.
01:58 CM: This (as holding YH’s chin again!) worked as a hint for me.
was great hint
02:00 YH: Yes.
02:02 CM: Oh, it goes suitable really, it looked!
02:03 YH: Yeah it does...
02:04 CM: Whoa!
02:05 YH: That’s good enough. *with a light slap the back of CM’s hand jokingly *
good enough
02:06 YH: Haha, now we got the mission … Both:Completed!


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