[TRANS][Blog entry] [1121201]The Pianist, Eisuke Mochizuki playing the instrumental of Fallen Leaves

Nov 21, 2014
The concert by JYJ at Tokyo Dome
I went to a concert by the Korean super star, JYJ (originally THSK) at the Dome. ( the first day of Tokyo concerts)

I was seated VIP seat, which was my first time, and located in mid-second floor.

I was able to see very well.
All the contents of the concert was full of variety. I enjoyed them very much.

I have been feeling some sympathy for JYJ.
It was one more year ago from when I released my work, PIANO ROMANCE two years ago.
I was thinking to make a kind of collaborated work with something related with Korea. While I was looking for someone who can help me, I got an
offer to work in JYJ’s DVD, sound track.

When I got this offer, I knew nothing about them.
I just heard that they were in some trouble of their contract, which made their activity so hard. On the other hand, bunch of their fans kept waiting for them.
I got watched their movie of DVD first, then I understood their character that they are always so thoughtful of their fans. I decided to take part in this sound track.
I wrote and recorded a piano version of their piece of ballad named FALLEN LEAVES. It got fantastic. I hope you to listen to it. Lol.


Through these, I have cheered them in private. I feel really glad that they can have a dome tour like this.

I hope them to have activities more and more to show their capability.

I got deeply moved with Junsu’s voice covering “Sora to Kimi no Aida ni”originally a song of Miyuki Nakajima’s in today’s concert.
I was almost in tears.
I hope them to have energetic activities more and more.


[Presale for Bigeast] "THSK LIVE TOUR 2014 ~TREE~" a photographic collection
THSK LIVE TOUR 2014, TREE a concert picture book
340mmx255mmx9mm, printed in Japan
on sale from Sep 1, 2014
"THSK  LIVE TOUR 2014 ~TREE~" a photographic collection of their live concert
Consists of hundreds of photos of precious moments - every awesome and mind-blowing scene - 124pages are full of unpublished pictures even in their concert DVD. A permanent collector's version.
The camera followed THSK even while they were in the pre-concert meetings and rehearsal at the studio as well as on the concert stage.
You can see how much and in what way the facial expression of and mood around THSK have turned in this collection. You just remember how greatly the tree of "THSK" has grown together with you all through TREE tour.
Don't miss their laidback or joking photos behind the scenes as well!
< 3,900JPY(incl. tax) >

[TRANS] [Bigeast Official]Mission Card – Mission 34 07262014
0:01 YH: Now it’s THSK.
0:03 CM: *snap* Then today we are having the corner of the mission after a while. Mission 34.
00:13 YH: 34 means sanju-yon!
00:15 CM: Right. Now I’m reading it. 00:17 What do you think is this tool used for?
YH: YEAH! This one!?
00:23 CM: Then …
YH: I got ignored…
00:24 CM: The tool, we are getting.
00:27 CM: Ta-dah!
00:28 YH: Oh!
00:31 YH: This!

00:33 CM: It’s one Tinker Bell.
00:36 YH: It’s a castanet, isn’t it? *looks fun playing with it*
00:40 CM: They don’t make castanets of rubber. (T/N It is as hard enough sounding click-clack as plastic when YH played.)
00:46 CM: What do you think it is?
00:47 YH: Well, something to hang on something here? (w making some gesture)
00:56 YH: What is the hint for?
00:57 CM (reading the hint) You use it to take out something.
00:58 CM: What I thought as soon as I saw this Tinker Bell was the one we use in cooking to hold a hot pot like this ( as holding YH’s chin!)
4and do mmmm (with mimic carrying a heavy hot pot.)
01:18 YH: Why did you do my face?
01:19 YH: It, actually, feels like it!
01:25 CM: You hook it on something like this…
01:27 CM: Yeah, it is correct! (as shown the answer ) The answer is a butterfly-shaped dish holder.
01:35 Both: AH!
01:36 CM: Isn’t it our first time to bingo?
01:38 YH: It is the first correct answer, maybe? Great! Changmin you are great!
*Everyone there makes applause.*
01:47 YH: Like when doing micro...wave..
01:48 CM: Microwave.
01:51 YH: We use it in using a microwave.
01:53 CM: We can use it for pots, and also plates in particular.
01:58 CM: This (as holding YH’s chin again!) worked as a hint for me.
was great hint
02:00 YH: Yes.
02:02 CM: Oh, it goes suitable really, it looked!
02:03 YH: Yeah it does...
02:04 CM: Whoa!
02:05 YH: That’s good enough. *with a light slap the back of CM’s hand jokingly *
good enough
02:06 YH: Haha, now we got the mission … Both:Completed!

[TRANS][THSK] 130831 FujiTV LIVE TOUR TIME - 4 5 IDK Talk Still
talk still
00:26 Good evening, everyone. We are Tohoshinki.
00:36 YH: THSK Live Tour, 2013, TIME. To Final day at Tokyo Dome, …
Both: Welcome!
00:50 YH: It’s been a while, everyone! I’m Yunho! Have you been waiting for THSK?
01:03 Have you been fine? Now we are in the final place of the dome tour, Tokyo Dome.
01:17 Today, I think it is like a race between everyone and THSK, which goes burn out first.
01:25 THSK is going on staying in top gear from the beginning, so come with us till the end! (01:33)
01:39 See you later. (as leaving the stage.)

01:45 CM: Good evening, everyone. I’m Changmin. Today it’s the final day of the five-dome tour. Here Tokyo Dome must become the hotter place than any other place in Japaaan!
02:13 About 10 years ago, it was our distant dream to come to Tokyo Dome. But now furthermore it got a part of Dome tour. It became a reality, but I feel it like time of a dream.
02:26 Today I would like to make this time of a dream our best memory while we are being one.
02:34 Everyone yoroshiku onegaishimaaaasu!
02:42 This may be not just me, but this venue is already heated up from the beginning. There is something like a damp haze around there, in which you everyone doesn’t look clearly to me.
02:57 It means your passion, support and cheering are as much as making the haze from the beginning. I would like to do hard today as well. Right? (saying to Yunho)(03:07)

03:08 YH: Yes. I was listening well. (against fans mood of “do you understand CM’s talk?”) It is hot from the beginning, which makes me feel so good.
03:15 CM: Yeah it is. Then (with welcoming gesture to Yunho).
03:22 CM: Now making a use of this atmosphere, we would like to go on to the next song.
03:28 fans: EGHHHHHHH (as a protest!)
03:32 CM: (shaking his head) Please listen, STILL.

[TRANS] Behind the scenes of the music video shooting, B.U.T Aug.2011
0:24 YH: He looks so strong. What should I do? Haha.
0:46 YH: I was more scared by the opponent than I thought.
0:55 YH: I, however, did well knocking him down at once. I’m satisfied now.
01:00 interviewer: You didn’t see Yunho fighting, did you?
CM: No, I didn’t. I didn’t see that at all.
01:13 YH: The point I tried to make the character better myself is this contact lens, which looks a little gray. I wonder how it’s going to look in the video. I am also curious and expecting.
01:40 a man: Yunho, Changmin cool.
YH: Yes, We’ll try hard.
02:06 CM: B.U.T has a strong beat, and is a fun dance tune, isn’t it?
It is a story of a man who is powerful and so confident.
02:24 YH: The song itself is really a cool one. At the same time, the melody line can stay around with our ears. Its melody line is so impressive. This is personally my favorite song.
02:44 CM: Listening to it, the image of a live concert comes to my mind. It makes me excited.
03:10 CN: Hi, it’s me, Changmin. I’m working in shooting the video of our new song, B.U.T. It is noisy. Today, the studio is, uhm, a little hot.
03:43 YH: Changmin! You did well.
03:47: YH: yeah really good.
03:53 YH: really well.
03:55 CM: It was hot. It was hot.
04:00 YH: <unclear>

[TRANS]A care label of MA-1
[TRANS]A care label of MA-1
·         Wash this product separately from other clothes to avoid to color those clothes. This product can color them because of the properties of its dye.
·         Make this inside out before wash. Wash it in the laundry net by hands to avoid to hurt printed part.
·         Take creases and hang it out to dry soon after washing.
·         DO NOT use chlorine bleaching.
·         DO NOT use tumble drier and ironing.
·         Be careful for zipper not to get hurt.
·         Handle the embroidered part carefully not to get hooked with your nails or accesary.
·         If you rub or push to wash strongly the emblem, the thread can fall out.
·         The emblem is not made as it stays permanently. It can go off.
·         There might be some rough part on the surface because of the material and printing way. It, however, does not matter for the quality itself.
·         There is some possibility of being decolored or coloring other clothes in using in wet with rain or sweat, or in being rubbed, especially in wet. Be careful.

< T/N I'm not familiar with these kind of text in Eng. If there is some strange expression that does't make a sense, let me know plz. thx.>

[TRANS][Bigeast Official] ”Tell Us, Yunho & Changmin! #34” 07172014
Q: When do you think yourself still just a child?
A (Yunho): After I find some killer lines in watching animated or other movies, I try to mimic them where nobody is around me. I think I am pure then
A (Changmin): When my favorite baseball team loses and I feel down. I suffer!
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[TRANS]Junsu greeting on JYJ Japan Fanclub 2nd Anniversary
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elH9YCyeRvU     thanks, xiahleo @ YouTube
Hello everyone! It’s been a long time. It’s Junsu. How have you been? I’m great.
Now, JYJ Japan Fan Club, congratulations for the 2nd anniversary! *clapping*
I am really thankful from my heart for your support for JYJ.
Thanks to you all, we, JYJ can have 10th anniversary since our debut. We are really happy.
We have had various events for the past two years. Many fans have come to meet us in Korea when we have some events in Korea as well as when we have in Japan. It moved me.
It’s spring time now. Let’s move forward refreshing ourselves.
See you. Unnyong!
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[TRANS][THSK_TREE_tour] handwritten messages in the brochure

Embedded image permalink
The Tree tour is the proof of that THSK have been growing with you everyone.
We have been able to get grown this because you all have been close.
You are going to be protected ever under the TREE of THSK from now on ^o^.
Let’s make this time stage successful together!
Now, ready to begin the tour, TREE!

Last time, thanks to you all, we succeeded to hold a dome tour that has been our dream.
This time, we are staring TREE tour. We would like to get closer to you everyone, heart to heart, so that we can have the root of our tree spread.
We intend to send you each of our thoughts, hopes and wishes for sure.
Catch them surely please ^^
Let’s raise a tree of THSK till a big one in this world together!!

[TRANS][THSK][Jap_maga][short inside stories by staff on FB] Japanese Magazine_Ray
cover ray

A Japanese fashion magazine, Ray is releasing Feb issue with THSK on its cover on Feb 22, 2014.
A member from its editorial team speaks a little about their shooting on FB.

Feb 20, 2014
Upcoming to release!  Tohoshinki-san is staring on the cover.
Now I will say some inside stories in shooting!
The inside story of Tohoshinki-san, part1
Shooting in a certain place in Korea on a day January.
Shooting by Ray was the first team this day. Regardless of the early morning shooting, two of THSK were having a greeting around with staff members as soon as they arrived in the studio.
Their appearance of too delight Yunho&Changmin made the mood in the studio gorgeous at the moment!

(irrelevant lines)The picture below is the dish of raw liver we staff ate on the day before shooting day.
I went happy with raw liver after a long time lol .]

Feb 21, 2014
Finally tomorrow is the release day! Ray April issue
I will talk some again today
As you fans already know, Yunho loves strawberries. I brought them for him.
He ate them in break times during shooting and before the interview. He looked enjoying eating them!
I understand he really loves strawberries!
Seeing his cute face expression on eating strawberries, I could not help making a grin. Lol.


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